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Add: Guihua Slip Road(south of Binhai No.5th Road), Xingci Road, Hangzhou Bay New Zone, Cixi, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, China
Tel: +86-574-63503827
Fax: +86-574-63504365
Business Manager:qunbo Cen
E-mail: ">admin@
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Website: http://www.rongdaglass.com


NINGBO AIYIDE OPTOELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. together with Cixi Rongda Tempered Glass Co.,Ltd.
is invested by HongKong (ASIA) RongDa Corporation. Our company is located in Cixi city of
Zhejiang province, on the south side of the longest bridge in the world - China Hangzhou Gulf
Bridge, so we enjoy an excellent geographical place and convenient transportation.
Since the foundation, we have been engaged in researching and manufacturing tempered glass,
glassware and fittings of lamps and lanterns. We specialize in tempered glass for lamps, home
appliances, sanitation, and special usage.....

Automatic cut machine
Omnipotent water jet cut machine
Bilateral edges grinding machine


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